11 Google Adsense Eligibility Requirements to Get Approval

Google Adsense Eligibility Requirement

Google Adsense is a valuable tool for publishers that provides a way to earn passive income from their website content. Based on the content and visitors, the tools match the advertisement with that of your website. Paid advertisements are created by advertisers who wish to market their products in front of a large audience. 

As these advertisers give fresh charges for different ads, the amount one earns also varies accordingly. Thus, as Google Adsense holds paramount importance in website making, many new publishers hassle hard to seek Google Adsense approval to gain from it. We have received many queries from new publishers concerning the Google Adsense Eligibility Requirements. Therefore, in today’s blog post, we list down the eligibility criteria and tips you can use to get approval from Google Adsense. 

Eligibility Criteria To Get Google Adsense Approval 

Google has some official and some unofficial Google Adsense Eligibility Requirements, which may not result in the rejection of your application but certainly makes the approval slow. Here, we have classified those eligibility requirements as official and unofficial. You can read them below: 

Google’s Official Eligibility Requirement For Adsense Approval 

1.      You must be 18 Years Old 

As per Google’s terms and conditions, you must be 18 years old to get yourself among the Adsense approved websites. But if you are below 18 and still wish to make money from blogging, you seek permission from your parents to use their information for account registration until and unless you turn 18. 

And once you fulfill the age criteria, you can apply with the approval process, or you can also go ahead with your parent’s account. 

2.      You must own your website 

It would help you completely regulate your website content means you should be the owner. It will be called a violation of Google’s terms of service if you try to publish other’s content on your page. Besides, if your website has syndication rights to re-publish content through RSS, you can do the site monetization, and the search engine won’t charge any penalty. Concerning your regulation over the site content, you should have the administrative right to the source code and site. 

3.      You must publish interesting and original content 

Create a ready-to-run website page before seeking Google Adsense approval. Ensure to add original content to the page that is worth monetizing. This is one condition Google is stringent because if the search discovers any scraped content, it will reject your application. 

4.      It is mandatory to have clear navigation on a website 

The principal aim of Google is to inform the readers either apply for Adsense account approval or optimize the search engine. By offering helpful information, Google helps users to navigate through the page. The company has a team of experts who review the websites, so it won’t receive approval if the professionals cannot navigate through the website. Here your job is to ensure that the experts can easily access the navigation bar, whose elements are lined correctly, and whose links work properly. 

5.      Do not drive fake traffic 

Driving fake traffic to the site is a policy Google doesn’t joke about. If you attempt to do so, the search engine rejects your application and bans you from the platform. Once it approves your account, it takes a quick test of your website traffic, and if the search engine detects any suspected clicks, it doesn’t take long to ban you. 

6.      Your content should be well versed in Google Content Policies 

Google has some restrictions on specific types of content subject to its monetization policies. Google gets rejected by Google by the threat, adult, shock, drug, hacking, and other content. Check out the Google content policies to get a complete list of the restricted content pieces. 

7.      Do not add copyrighted content without permissions 

As per the copyright laws and standards, your website content must be original and should have the authority to use specific images, videos, text, and infographics in the range. Violation of this law can result in a ban on your website. You can use the copyright for free. Images from Unsplash or Pexels and your request won’t be rejected. 

8.      Only add supported language 

Google Adsense doesn’t support all languages to ensure viewers can easily read the content. You can use bilingual content until and unless Google supports its languages. Some supported languages are Hindi, English, Dutch, Bengali, Arabic, Serbian, and so on. Get a complete list of Google’s supported language from its official site. 

9.      Your website should not deliver an abusive experience 

The word abusive experience means a set of misleading, harmful, fraudulent practices not supported by Google. Some of the harsh experiences of Google are misleading buttons like the next page arrow, manipulative scripts, etc. 

Google Adsense Unofficial Eligibility Requirements 

By means of unofficial requirements, we mean the below conditions are not declared in the Google documentation, but they are one big reason for the rejection of your application concerning the Google Adsense approval. Though, it’s always good to check these things before they cause any loss to your site. 

1.      Ensure That Your Website is Six months old

This may not be the official Google Adsense Eligibility Requirements, but it undoubtedly affects the applications. As many sites that apply for approval are less qualitative, Google doesn’t prefer them over others. Here, with less qualitative means, the search engine doesn’t accept websites younger than six months. But sometimes, that may not be the case. If you have an excellent webpage past, then Google may get a new brand domain. 

2.      Number of Posts 

Before applying for Google Adsense approval, ensure that the number of posts matches the eligibility criteria for Adsense. You should have a minimum of 25 blog posts to give an excellent start to your blogging career. Your post must have quality material that is unique and well-organized. If you match all these requirements, then this is confirmed that you will get your Google Adsense approval.  


So, these are the Google Adsense eligibility requirements. We strongly recommend readers check before applying for approval. When you fulfill all these requirements, move ahead and register for an account. Google will monitor your application and connect with you through email within a few days.  

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