A Guide to Building Career in Video Production

career in video production

Building a career in video production in a media-saturated environment may feel like a formidable task. But with the right resources and reliable information, it can be as easy as applying for a job. And the good news is that the saturation of media and newspapers makes it convenient for anyone to find their first gig. But with so much industrial information, you may get a puzzle of where to get an entry-level job in video production. Thus, we have compiled a detailed guide to direct you on your journey for those aiming to start with a video production career. 

Best Entry Level Video Production Jobs in 2022

While you all aspire for a career in video production, the most probable job positions you will land are department trainee of art, makeup, hair, or camera department. Here is the description of the best entry level video production jobs you will encounter. 

Department Trainee: In this job position, you will work in or with specific departments and learn insights from industry professionals. The job comes in handy when you have decided which part you want to work on. The expert cinematographers, editors, and other department leaders start their careers as trainees on the movie sets. 

Production assistants: The role of a production assistant is numerous and sometimes unexpected. When you work as a production assistant on a film set, you may be ordered to serve coffee, run errands, and pick up and drop the actors to and from the group. In short, a production assistant has many roles and is considered a significant part of the video-making process and should be ready to fulfill any task assigned by the senior. 

Administrative jobs: The administrative jobs in video production comprise roles like film secretaries and entry level marketers. An employee in these respective positions works outside a production office but offers an excellent synopsis of the complete process. Working as an administrator in the video production industry is an excellent method of setting foot in a video production firm. 

Skills Required to Build a Career in Video Production 

Can you imagine building a career in video production without the proper skills? No, right? Whether you work as a filmmaker, video maker, video editor, broadcasting manager, or exercise any other video-production-related job, without these necessary video-production skills, your journey may look exactly like a camera without a reel. Though it is a hassle to establish your career in video production, ensure that you have these necessary skills.  

  • Great attention to technical information.
  • Have a good command over video production tools and storytelling. 
  • Have a creative approach toward every other task. 
  • Understands identifying stories that straight touches the audience’s heart. 
  • Patience in dealing with challenging tasks. 
  • Strong communication skills. 
  • Strong organizational skills to manage complex assignments and meet deadlines. 

Steps to Start Career in Video Production

career in video production

After learning about a few entry-level video production jobs and video production skills, the next thing we come across are the steps to start a career in video production. So, with no delay, let’s begin. 

  • Learn about the industry: When you start a career in video production, ensure that you have an expert knowledge of the industry. All this begins with brushing up on the technical skills, software, or critical information you should have—next, research on different industrial projects, roles, and the overall process of film production. Consider enrolling in a film or production school that can offer you general information about the film industry. After completing your training, learn about the industrial projects in your area and find out about any freelance work.
  • Work as a freelancer: Working as a freelancer in the video production field will help you gain an edge in the sector. Create demo reels to show off your skills so recruiters may consider your profile in the hiring process. Search for gigs that need any video production support. This may include projects like producing wedding videos or music video bands. Doing so will be an excellent method of building your resume and outshining your skills. Now, apply for gigs that interest you and state your experience for the projects. Create your videos in your spare time to gain recognition in the industry. You can also start your production company if you are confident enough of your capabilities. The task will take considerable work and determination, but doing so will allow you complete control over your work.
  • Shape your resume: Acquired the industry insights, knowledge, and experience? Now, it’s time to shape your resume. Step by step, put down your education, qualification, skills, experience, job history, and complex projects you dealt with, and point out things that make you stand out from others. This may involve your role in community service or any organizations or clubs. Show everything about you and what you have to offer. 
  • Form network in the industry: Working on social skills is significant to building a career in video production. It is an invaluable part of the film industry which requires you to attend dinner parties, gallery openings, social events, or any event that allows you to connect with like-minded people. Connect with professionals who can offer you more insights about the industry and job environment, and require them if they can put you in touch with anyone else who can get you a job.
  • Apply to jobs: All said and done, now we come to the last step of making a career in video production, i.e., applying to video production jobs. To proceed, use sites like Indeed and LinkedIn and express why as an applicant, you admire a specific firm and why you are the perfect match for the job role. At the interview round, show yourself in the best light and stay positive and down to earth during the answers. 


Henceforth, these are the entry level jobs, skills and steps you should know about starting a video production career. To know about what is a video production and the elements involved in a video production process, check out our previous blog an ultimate guide to video production.

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