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Discover more about our company and discover what makes us unique

At Madboxx Media Studios, mastery is not just about achieving it but a continuous pursuit. We strive to create an environment that nurtures diversity, encourages ingenuity without prejudice, and promotes continuous learning, personal growth, and old-fashioned curiosity.  As our world evolves, we embrace the unknown and work towards reinventing a better future for ourselves and our clients.
We strongly believe in the strength of human connections and building deep, meaningful relationships. Our success is defined by the might of these relationships, which give us meaning and connect us in our shared pursuit of creating something great. Our team comprises a diverse range of talents, strengths, and ambitions. We are proud of our individuality while working together to improve for the better.
At Madboxx Media Studios, we are committed to expanding and improving our services to maximize public engagement while upholding actual values in marketing and content creation. We offer technology solutions and content marketing services that can be scaled and creatively applied to all organizations. We are dedicated to supporting our clients throughout the entire process, and every project we undertake is challenged to reach the highest level of competition in every market.
Join us at Madboxx Media Studios, where we work towards mastering our craft, promoting diversity and ingenuity, and building strong relationships while delivering great marketing and content services to our clients.

Every Day We Face Significant Business Challenges, Adding Value to Our Growth Efforts!

At Madboxx Media Studios, we have been creating original content for diverse platforms for 15 years. We provide 360-degree solutions for content creation and digital services in the growing media, marketing, and communications field. We have faced many business challenges, but our passion for growth has always encouraged us to deliver authentic and creative solutions. We have a highly creative team of designers, Writers, animators, and marketers who work closely with startups and existing businesses to tailor their needs. Our work has been recognized with numerous awards, and we continue to outshine our competitors. Join us at Madboxx Media Studios to take your business to the next level.

The Rules We Live By Are Key to Our Client's Success

Show Up the Better Version of Yourself Everyday By -

Being Creative and Drive Results

Being Dedicated and Confident

Being Authentic and Professional

We are a group of smart working individuals arming you with unique content, authentic partnering beliefs, and insightful multimedia digital strategists.

Joining Forces to Turn Challenges into Triumphs:

A Story of Humble Beginnings and Diverse Minds

What will you get if you combine a Marketing Expert, Designer, Editor, and Animator?

Combining a marketing expert, designer, editor, and animator, you’d have a content producer and marketing engine capable of propelling your company forward. A marketing specialist deeply understands a particular marketing area, such as SEO, social media, or influencer marketing. At the same time, a designer can create visually appealing content that catches the audience’s attention. An editor ensures that the content is error-free, well-written, and fits the brand’s tone of voice. Finally, an animator can add dynamic elements to the content, making it more engaging and interactive for the audience. Together, This group has the potential to produce compelling content that reaches the intended demographic and generates tangible outcomes for the company. Together, they have the knowledge and skills to produce content that attracts attention in a crowded marketplace and prompts customers to act, boosting their company’s revenue.

Mr. Minhaj Abdullah Established the firm under “THE BOXXSTUDIO” in 2006. It began as a video production company and design firm for the local market. Since then, we have worked on numerous unique projects with top organizations from the National and Local markets. During a course lecture, Minhaj met Akash Shrivastava, a Frameboxx Bhopal student, in 2011. Eventually, the pair turned friends, realizing they shared a common interest and passion for film production and filmmaking. They began working together at “The Boxx Studio.” In 2013, with the help and support of friends and Mr. Shohab Abdullah (Directors of Frameboxx) they formed the Chai Stories with a vision to create short scripts. The Boxx Studios team helped them bring the hands to life for a weekly release every Friday on YouTube.

After years of working together and providing services across the subcontinent and worldwide, Minhaj And Akash rebranded their brand from “the Boxx Studio” to “Madboxx Media Studio” in 2017. The new branding reflects a more comprehensive Marketing Strategy and redefines the model, culture, vision, and approach. After 11 glorious years in film production, Mr. Akash Shrivastava, a long-time Madboxx Media Studio, was positioned as the senior partner and new Chief Executive Officer at the ever-evolving firm.
Madboxx Media Studio is a Creative Production and Marketing Studio. The two senior partners, Mr. Minhaj Abdullah and Mr. Akash Shrivastava, aim to connect brands to today’s audiences through interactive digital engagement and the best creative production and marketing agency globally.

To Infinity and Beyond.

In response to growing marketing demand and the COVID-19 outbreak, we significantly improved our core offerings, welcoming Mr. Kuldeep Sen as our Marketing Expert, whose valuable contributions have helped the studio successfully re-stand on the pre-pandemic level.

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Our Team

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Akash Shrivastava

Co-Founder & CEO

Minhaj Abdullah

Founder & COO

Kuldeep Sen


Leap into the Roots of Growth Marketing

Our team comprises ethical people holding strong values to deliver effective results on time.  They build content that maximizes clicks and converts leads into paying customers. Every asset aligns with your commercial goals and speaks directly to your audience by building open communication around the brand. The content we use to help you achieve your business objectives includes increasing your brand recognition, engaging leads, and re-engaging customers, who drive bulk revenue for your company.

Our Content and Marketing Strategies are Our Commitment to Promising Results

We have learned that each channel has advantages but works best when strategically paired. We offer a full-service strategy to all our clients incorporating digital media to maximize visibility, conversions, and revenue.
Our journey to excellence can be held accountable for setting monthly goals, which we celebrate at our goals meeting. As collective success propels us forward, we continue to invest in each other.
Being motivated to be our best selves daily, we proudly include positive employees in our creative firm and pledge to help them achieve their goals. We, as a company, are supportive and optimistic about our team members even when we are not together.
We always welcome new opportunities that allow us to learn and grow. Our team always puts extra effort into upgrading our services and maximizes the success of client strategies.

A brand with opportunities that allows us to work smarter and not harder

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