Best Content Creation Tools Every Content Creator Should Use

best content creation tools

Creating relevant and helpful content for the right audience is one common goal that marketers, sales professionals, and bloggers share today. However, creating engaging content while coping with relevance seems quite tricky in a highly competitive environment. But what if someone says you cannot breeze the content creation process in time? Yeah, you heard it right. With the help of some best content creation tools, not only can you speed up your content creation process, but you also can generate outperforming content. 

Now you would wonder where you should start or which tools you should pick first. Umm! No need to fritter away time on the internet. Here, I have scrapped some innovative tools for content creators, using which you can build enriching content that will be highly dedicated to your target audience. So, shall we jump on the list now? 

What are Content Creation Tools? 

You might know about content creation tools if you are a new content creator. But you can learn them here. Content creation tools are the digital instruments one uses to breeze a content creation process. 

They let the creator develop content for websites, blog posts, podcasts, social media channels, YouTube channels, etc. Searching for a trending topic, familiarizing with the target audience’s interest, designing sharp graphics, etc., are tasks the content creation tools perform every day. The benefits these tools offer includes better customer experience, consistent results, meaningful customer engagement, and more. So, are you ready to familiarize yourself with the top 6 content creation tools? Let’s begin. 

Top 6 Content Creation Tools to Start Using Today 

  • Google Trends 

Google Trends is a content planning and research tool that provides you with metrics on the search term and keyword popularity while suggesting great content ideas. With over 4.6 billion Google users reported in September 2022, you can use the platform’s tool to search for the most trending topics related to your domain. It is one of those free content creation tools that gains you a cutting edge in the market while offering an opportunity to generate fresh content. 

You only need to enter the term Google Trends in your browser to use Google Trends. Upon landing on its page, you can use it for varied purposes, including- 

  • Keyword research 
  • Relevant niche search 
  • Finding niche topics by region 
  • Generating fresh content 
  • Promotion of e-commerce store 
  • Tracking competitor’s positions 
  • Canva

Canva is an easy-to-use online designing and publishing tool for creating striking graphics and documents. Because of its ability to create designs of all styles, the tool is widely used by graphic designers and professionals who aim to create professional custom graphics for different business purposes. Hundreds of fonts, shapes, photo filters, icons, etc., are the features of this online designing tool. Also, how can we forget the drag-and-drop part of Canva? Because of this, it’s also famous as one of the best content creation tools on the web. 

People new to designing can sign up for a free Canva account and use its available design layouts. Being one of the excellent social media content creation tools, Canva facilitates a bunch of pre-sized social media templates while allowing easy-sharing on all platforms. 

Madboxx Media Studio uses Canva to create reels for its social media handles, including Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. For what purpose would you like to use Canva? 

  • Grammarly

Need to write error-free content? Don’t have enough time? Check out Grammarly. It’s a free content creation tool that assists writers and editors correct errors, including spelling, punctuation, grammar, transition, rephrasing, and much more. Being an automated proofreading platform, Grammarly saves ample time for editors or proofreaders spend in the editing process. 

You can copy and paste your content on Grammarly to identify and rectify the grammar errors in your document. Once you score 100 on your Grammarly document, you can re-copy and paste the content into your original document. Besides facilitating grammar error identification and solutions, the content creation tool also offers a plagiarism check, allowing the writers to generate 100% unique content. 

  • Hemmingway Editor 

Hemmingway editor is another online editing, proofreading, and readability tool. It highlights and corrects fluency, sentence structure, and grammar-related errors to help you write bold and clear text for readers. If you don’t own a Grammarly Pro account, then it becomes necessary to use Hemmingway Editor as the tool details the lengthy, complex sentences and frequent errors; an accessible account of Grammarly does not. 

To point out the sentences and words with errors, Hemmingway Editor highlights them in different colored boxes. A red or yellow box indicates a detailed write-up, a green box signifies phrases with passive voice, and adverb phrases are shown in blue boxes. To make a winning proposal, you must avoid using passive voice sentences as it makes the copy less compelling. What’s more? Well, Hemmingway Editor is also one of those free content creation tools you can access without paying any cost. So, don’t wait and start using the tool today. 

  • Semrush 
best content creation tools

Semrush is a go-to SEO tool for many SEO specialists today. The search engine optimization tool specializes in keyword research, Google Ad Campaign optimization, competitor analysis, and more. On-page SEO, content marketing, social media management, organic research, and rank tracking are features Semrush offers to users. 

One of the best tools for content creator, Semrush brings a wide range of content ideas and help you structure an effective content plan. To get beneficial content ideas on the tool, you need to enter a topic, select the demographic you are targeting, and then click on – Get Content Ideas. The tool does facilitate free use, but you should sign up with paid plans to stay on top of the trends and competitive market. 

  • Audacity 

Audacity is a free and open-source tool used to record, edit and export flawless live audio on different platforms. Any podcaster, vlogger, or audio-video producer can easily use this software for mixing audio, adding effects, and so on. Various benefits Audacity offers are- 

  • Noise reduction 
  • Change in pitch or speed. 
  • Editing multiple audio formats, including MP3, MP2, AIFF, FLAC, and WAV. 
  • Scrubbing  
  • Conversion of cassette records and taps into online tracks 
  • Unsplash 

Unsplash is those of the best content creation tools used for accessing a rich stock of high-quality photos and images that any user can freely post subject to the Unsplash license. If you want to access pictures relevant to your content, you can enter the image name in the Unsplash search box, and the platform’s search engine will do the job. 


  Hence, these are the best content creation tools, content creators should start using today. Even if these tools don’t surpass your content creation skills, they can help you improve the quality of your content and access the metrics you may require to build customized content that drives success. If you think we have missed any innovative tools? Drop a comment below. 

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