How Can You Become a Web Developer Without a Computer Science Degree? 

How Can You Become a Web Developer Without a Computer Science Degree?

How Can You Become a Web Developer Without a Computer Science Degree? 

Nowadays, half of the world’s population is considering pursuing a career in web development. With an expected growth rate of 20%, the job outlook for web designers is far better than in any other profession. The annual web developer’s salary is also quite attractive. If stats are to believe, then the average income of a web developer is around $72000 a year. 

Also, if you decide to work as a freelancer in this profession, you will work from home. So, this is clear that pursuing a career in web designing or development is the right decision. Now, how can you become a web developer without a degree? Do you need a computer science degree to get a web developer job? Or can you self-educate from online courses and videos? Let’s discuss and find out if a degree is essential to getting a web development job or not. 

Is a computer science degree necessary to become a web developer?

The straight answer is no. Nowadays, a computer science degree is no longer necessary to get your desired job role in web development. You only need to educate yourself about the course offline or online. 70% of the web developers in the world are self-educated. Only a few of them possess a Ph.D. or a computer science degree. 

Hence, it’s understandable that earning as a web developer without a degree is a possibility. However, many developers also believe that having a university degree is intact. It only sets you apart from other applicants and gives a smoother learning experience than self-education. Either if having a degree is not compulsory to build a career in web development, it is valuable. 

How to educate yourself to become a web developer?

We have discussed the necessity of a computer science degree in web development. Therefore, moving with the facts and discussion, let’s quickly dive into how you can pursue a career in web development. 

⦁ Web development coding Bootcamp 

If you are unfamiliar with Bootcamp, you will be happy to learn that you can gain web development skills within a few weeks. Yes, you heard it right. The web development coding bootcamps offer well-structured courses that can help you learn the insights of web development. Bootcamp also teaches practical skills to learners so that they can get a job in the related field. 

Grow your web development portfolio through regular coding

Coding regularly can do wonders for your web development career. You can surely stay in practice even if you are not working on any project. Next, you will enhance your skills to add to your portfolio while searching and applying for a field job. 

⦁ Join the community of tech recruiters and web developers 

Another step you can take to earn a decent web developer salary without a degree is to join a community of tech recruiters and web developers who work with renowned firms hiring web developers. Use LinkedIn to connect with tech enthusiasts easily and explore the web development work environment. 

Online learning 

Another way to learn web development without enrolling in a university is to take online courses. They teach you online courses like Java, Python, Nodejs, or any topic you like. Sometimes the online courses also offer many placement opportunities and certification on completion of the program. Other than taking online courses, watch out for the videos of professional web developers to get expert knowledge in the field. 


Last but not least, you can also study some web development books and browse some helpful websites developed by expert web developers to get an idea of the overall structure, UX design, etc. 

How can you make money as a web developer independently? 

If no companies consider your web developer profile because you don’t possess a degree, you can still make money in the profession. Study the description below to know how: 


Blogging is a smart way of earning passively for web developers and designers. Web designers can build their brand name and make a considerable salary at home or in a local cafe. All they need to do is write blog posts on different web development pieces and share their thoughts and ideas with other tech-savvy. 

You can also request sponsorships, promotions, and affiliate marketing for your blog posts and sell your ideas via innovative content. Making money through blogging is about getting high-quality web page traffic. Therefore, grab the opportunity and start selling your digital products when you see many visitors reading your blog posts. 


After blogging that only needs you to write on a specific subject, freelancing is the next rewarding option for a successful web development career. When you face constant rejection from tech recruiters, consider freelancing to achieve great heights in the profession. With freelanced web development, you can connect and partner with international clients directly, earn ideal pay and explore the domain over the years. 

Online Courses and Programs 

Online courses and programs are the new roadblocks to self-learning, which are growing globally. It has transformed the way of acquiring knowledge and skills. As the platform has developed itself with time, the demand for online web development programs has also grown significantly. This upsurged demand is an excellent chance for web developers to advance their careers by creating various online web development courses for students. If you are passionate about sharing your knowledge, then why not grab this opportunity as a medium of earning money? Create your online courses and start making a profit today.  

Skills Required to Become a Web Developer 

To be a successful web developer without a degree, you must familiarize yourself with the following tech and soft skills- 

Cloud service providers
Time management 

Bottom Line 

Compared to the other high-salaried jobs, a computer science degree is not mandatory to earn money as a web developer. For the tech-savvy who do not wish to pursue a university education, taking online courses, self-education, coding boot camps, and studying books is a great way to learn web development skills from home. They are pretty lucrative and unfold several rewarding opportunities for learners. Now, kick off your web development career without delay, keeping these idea in mind.

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