How to Make $2000 With Articles Every Month? 

how to make $2000 with article every month

Possessing excellent writing skills means being able to refine our thoughts and ideas for others with magical words. And if you like penning something that is also loved by the readers and has their interest, it can be very beneficial for you. Creative writing is a rewarding skill that lets you earn considerable income from home per your schedule. But, earning money with writing needs consistent efforts and hard work. Expecting one article to go viral everywhere is risky. To prevent such a situation, you must revise some helpful strategies to get decent pay for your writing skills. Now with no more delay, let’s dive into those useful hacks to earn $2000 with an article every month. 

Helpful Hacks to Make $2000 Per Month With Article Writing 

Whether you wish to dedicate your free time to running a blog or wish to write an occasional article, the good news is that there are many options you can go with to earn a living with article writing. These are- 

Start Blogging

Blogging is the best tool for creative writers to earn money online. But if you are wondering if you cannot make money as a beginner in this competitive world, then you’re probably mistaken. Although it will take time for your blog to get noticed, with dedication and consistency, it is possible. But first, to start your blog, pick a niche, offer a unique perspective to the reader and stick by it. 

Once you have set up your blog with domain and designs, post frequently and market them on various social media handles for traffic engagement. Exercising this step regularly will bring you $2000 per month. 

Guest Blogging 

To any extent, if you are unsure about setting up your blog, you can take the other way with guest blogging. Many bloggers and companies hire freelancers to create content for their websites. If you choose this path, research it well and familiarize yourself with the niche, you will put words in accord with its tone. 

Create a Niche Website 

If you have a good command over a specific subject or niche, create a website dedicated to it. Creating a niche website provides you with the liberty of operating your blog, with no coercion of daily posting. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you can escape from the responsibilities. To ensure you make $2000 per month with article writing, keep your website updated so that it reaches the target market.  

Make affiliate content 

Ever thought why Pinterest enlisted about an outdoor person’s campaign on their web page? Or have you read some blogs mentioning other products’ names in their content? Well, they have formed an affiliate partnership with some brands. An affiliate partnership is when a company incorporates with you to drive its website traffic, and you get paid for the same. 

In such affiliate content, you will be required to mention the company’s product and link it to their website, so any reader interested in that product click on it and redirect to their page. To do so, formulate a strategy, and make $2000 with affiliate marketing even when you sleep. 

Send articles to print magazines. 

Print magazines are still the most prevalent option for publishing articles. Every publication has some specific guidelines, and if you write content that can go well with the guidelines, they can pick your article for publishing. 

Sending articles to renowned print magazines generates high income. This entire process is complex, as sometimes the publication also rejects your content. But once they select your article, you will enjoy the income you will receive precisely. A few publications pay $100 per article, which is an attractive payroll. 

Write scripts For Video Creators. 

If you are familiar with the technicalities of scriptwriting, you can make $2000 per month by incorporating a video creator. The video creators, who are often good at creating a solid screen presence, cannot write effective scripts. 

Video content is enriching owing to its popularity worldwide. So, this is the right time to add some exciting scripts to your portfolio experience. Now, reach out to popular content creators to know if they are interested in your scriptwriting. 

Create social media content 

Usually, prominent publications hire marketers to promote their content on social media, but small publications cannot do so. Therefore, they seek help from a freelancer. Research the local stores in your city and find out if any of them are struggling for quality content. Suppose you discover any such store, research the fair pricing and pitch your content accordingly. 

Start copywriting 

Copywriting is writing mainly done to market a brand’s name and product. This involves content writing for blog posts, emails, websites, video scripts, etc. 

Firms use copywriting to promote a service and to compel the readers to buy it. Many firms essentially hire copywriting freelancers. You can pitch to them or search for a copywriting form job on various freelance copywriting job websites like Upwork, Fiverr, etc. 

How to Set the Payroll as a Freelance Writer? 

How to Make $2000 With Articles Every Month? 

You can set your freelancing cost as per your choice. The common freelance writing rates are: 

Based on the project: When given a content writing project, you are expected to write bulky articles for a company. For example, if you have taken a company project with 8 blog posts, you can charge $250 per post and thus receive up to $2000 for the content piece. 

Based on the hour: The hourly rate of a freelance writer is $32.18. But if you believe your write-up deserves more, you can maximize the rates while offering a sample article to the clients. 

Based on the word: freelance writers worldwide charge $0.02 to $1 per word. You can pitch your rates to the clients and settle for fair prices based on your expertise. Charging $1 per word means you will receive $2000 for a 2000-word article. 

Based on page: If you decide to charge for your content based on the number of pages, you can take $100 per page when you are a beginner and extend that amount as you gain experience. 


Now, that concludes the strategies to make $2000 per month with article writing. Writing is a valuable skill that has the potential to generate a lucrative income. However, to make $2000 with article writing, you need to improve your skills and efforts. Meanwhile, to get the payroll as per yourself, decide the criteria of your charges, get experience and maximize profit with time. 

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