Quick Hacks to Improve Character Animation 

character animation

Over the years, animation has been a helpful medium for conveying and creatively expressing ideas. Animation assists in interacting with different sectors and audiences worldwide. It helps bring the characters to life by driving secondary action and giving an identity to the characters animators create. 

Whether cartoons, films or television, animation is present everywhere in one form or another. To lead the competition, animators need to offer their best. So, how can they do so? Today’s blog covered some ways to improve character animation to guide aspiring animators to stand out from the crowd by improving their skill sets. Considering these tips in your animation practices, we are sure nothing can stop you from outshining the emerging competition. 

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Simple Ways to Improve Character Animation 

Here are the top methods to boost your character animation and overall skill set in animation. 

  • Emphasize real-life characters 

Observe people around you and notice how they interact, express and move to understand motion, weight and timings. Save up some time for research on the animated characters. Doing so brings you more clarity, which is reflected in your work and allows you to create more realistic characters. 

  • Study the movement’s psychology 

It is one of the important ways to improve character animation in which you are required to understand one’s movement and the intention behind that action. Every action is for some reason, and how we stand and hold ourselves speaks volumes about our character. So, understanding the thought process will give you a clearer picture of someone’s thought processes, allowing you to share this through animation. 

  • Get real-world references 

Get solid references when animating someone’s face so you can easily capture the actor’s expressions as they emote and speak. You can also use your face for reference and recreate the important expressions to start your work well. 

  • Record Yourself 

Sitting at a desk won’t give you a good feeling about how a specific animated video should play. Consider filming your actions to get a sense of how and why the characters move in a particular way. Act the complete movements without thinking of whether they are looking rough. Pausing, rewinding and reviewing your movements assures you of capturing all the subtleties. 

  • Keep a simple rig

Most of the animation quality greatly depends on the rig animators use in 3D. Generic software offers powerful tools, but you need to tailor the rig to meet specific animation requirements to provide an edge to the characters. 

An unprofessional rig can also be an excellent addition to the workload. The perfect rigs compel the animators to animate. They follow to pick the characters and shift them in motion without contending any complex system. 

  • Pick up the key poses first. 

Forming the key poses first is one of the most important ways to improve character animation. In this method, animators are required to follow the layered process enabling them to save time while animating the characters. The initial animation layer must include the key poses to understand timing better. Once you do this, you will have enough time to refine all those poses per your needs. 

  • Offset the keys

Bringing an organic flow to the elements following the character can be challenging. One way to solve this problem is by animating the base and practising the same action with other joints. The action is then followed by editing every frame to create a waving movement. 

  • Avoid adding each letter in the speech 

While animating all characters to form every letter the world speaks is not necessary, it pleasantly offers a sporadic appearance of the mouth-moving characters. If you observe people around you communicating over something, you will notice that they don’t lip every letter they speak. In such cases, the tongue makes a brief appearance to make the sound. 

  • Lead with the eyes 

If you watch people’s movements, you will notice that each move has some specific sequence. It starts from the eyes that move in the direction you will go, then the head and the neck. This cycle continues down the body, which consequently heads to the main focus. When we look at something, it’s the eyes that we are drawn to and is the first body part that moves the complete body. 

  • Study the gravity effects 

Unless you are in space, gravity affects everything around you. A combination of gravitational pull and physical mass is essential to collect each movement. For instance, waking is a simple movement, but most of our movement is defined by our physical weight. This means you would be lighter on your steps if you were thin and tall. On the other hand, someone with a fuller figure will have heavier footfall. 

  • Maintain a balance in your character 

As youngsters, one of the main things we learn is climbing on our feet. Doing so is more challenging, requiring strength and a good balance. With every step, you get to understand to shift the focal point of your gravity to ensure you do not fall ahead. Therefore, the centre of gravity is also a significant component to consider in character animation. 

Consider standing with your feet apart, keeping your waist still and lifting the right leg off the floor. You shift the centre of gravity to keep the balance when you exercise this action. So, because you are doing this in real life, you will also have to follow the same for your animated characters. 

  • Use a basic model 

When working on the overall motion, consider using a basic proxy model in contrast with a high-resolution model that causes a strain on the system. It can be anything from a miniature version of the animated character to an animated character template. 


Hence, these are the simple ways to improve character animationIf you can’t save enough time to follow these methods, you can choose Madboxx Media Studio to get a professional and high-quality animation service. Our expert team has the required skill to offer 2d animation, 3d animation, and other animation services your business requires. If you want to harness our animation services, reach us today! 

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