Video content holds paramount importance for viewers across the internet. YouTube is the most popular video hosting platform that lets you create and share your videos with a large market and serve them with valuable content. 

People watch billions of hours of video daily and generate billions of views for the platform’s content creators. Thus, this is the right time for video content artists to create and monetize YouTube channel and earn some serious cash from the audio-video platform. This blog will explain the rules and quick ways to monetize your YouTube videos. So, if you have the zeal to make YouTube your primary source of income, read out the article closely. 

What do You Understand by YouTube Monetization? 

YouTube Monetization refers to the ability to generate income from its video content. Any YouTube channel creator who wants to be a member of the YouTube monetization program must earn 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in a year. 

Rules to Qualify for a YouTube Monetization Program 

Below are the five YouTube monetization rules you must follow to monetize your YouTube offerings- 

  1. Link Your AdSense Account 

To monetize your YouTube channel with YouTube ads, you must link your AdSense account to get it out of the way first. AdSense is Google’s official advertising for YouTube that lets content creators monetize their channel with YouTube ads. Remember, as per AdSense’s terms and conditions, you can only hold one AdSense under the same payee name. 

2. Understand the YouTube Partner Program Requirements 

Understanding and applying for YouTube Partner Program (YPP) should be your next step to qualify for the monetization program. The YPP membership offers you the resources that help you better monetize YouTube channel. Following are a few requirements you must meet before applying for YPP membership. 

3. Enable YouTube Monetization and Follow YouTube Monetization Rules

After you meet the above criteria, Go to your YouTube Studio, click Enable Monetization, and follow the instructions. After that, ensure to follow the YouTube Monetization rules. This includes Google AdSense policies, Community Guidelines, Copyright, Monetization policies, and YouTube’s Terms of Service. 

4. Adhere with the Copyright Rules 

Violating copyright rules can harm your business. To ensure your channel doesn’t suffer losses, use the Lickd platform to take your videos to the next level your viewers will know. 

5. Avoid Using False Language 

To monetize YouTube channel, you must avoid certain things, so you don’t lose potential advertisers. For example, you must not use inflammatory language, irrelevant thumbnails, or unnecessary shocking content. 

Monetization Policies of YouTube Channel 

YouTube channel monetization policies are divided into two categories. These are- 

YouTube takes a month to review and approve your YPP application. The hosting platform’s criteria comprise the main theme, most viewed videos, newest videos, and video metadata. The content creator who qualifies in all these criteria gets the YPP approval. 

Any copyright error can block, mute, or demonetize your video content. To avoid such losses, ensure that your video content is completely original and you have the authority to post the content. In case of repeated copyright or monetization errors can result in the following- 

How to Monetize YouTube Channel To Receive Better Compensation? 

Here are the quick ways to monetize your YouTube channel to receive compensation every time a user clicks on ads while watching your videos. 

It is the most significant way for YouTube channel creators to monetize their channels. After becoming a member YouTube Partnership Program, you can enable monetization to upload individual or multiple videos on your channel. However, before posting, you must ensure that your video content adheres to YouTube’s advertiser-friendly content guidelines display advertisements. 

Under the paid sponsorship program, you can earn money for the video content you post on your YouTube channel. In this method, brands or businesses pay a content creator to promote their product on their channel, which benefits both parties. 

The paid sponsorships are highly rewarding, but grabbing such a deal isn’t easy. Suppose your YouTube channel is effective enough to influence a mass audience but unable to get sponsorships. In that case, you can pitch to your local business or stores to collaborate for a video. 

To successfully close the deal, show a sample of your videos with large views or projects you have done before. Clearly illustrate how your video content can be beneficial for the brands. 

An affiliate program is the easiest strategy to monetize YouTube channels. In contrast, as a host, you are to provide links to other companies products and services, encouraging them to make a purchase. Here, you earn a commission on every successful purchase from the brand you affiliate with. 

The YouTube premium subscription service also earns you a considerable income. YouTube premium distributes the subscription revenue to the YouTube channel creators based on how often viewers have watched their videos. 

Patreon is a membership platform that simplifies the subscription service process for content creators and makes it easy for them to get paid. The membership platform allows creators and businesses to offer exclusive content like BTS videos and early access to videos. In return, it offers guaranteed responses, shoutouts, better engagement and so on to the content creators. 


Creating video content is a great method to increase your brand awareness, and monetizing your YouTube channel comes alongside. So are you ready to monetize your YouTube channel? Begin with channel promotion and earn more views from people. The more subscribers and watch time your video content carries, the closer you reach the YouTube Partnership Program approval. All the best, folks! 

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