Top 5 Free Digital Marketing Courses To Pursue this year

Top 5 free digital marketing courses

Digital marketing is a highly in-demand skill that helps a businessman smoothly run their online business. Before you enter 2023, why not upscale your digital marketing game first and boost your business growth? Yeah, do you want your business to lack behind in a digital-driven world? No right? 

As they say, It’s never too late to start; you still have time to polish your digital marketing skills. Are you worried about the education cost? You don’t have to, as I have brought a list of the top 5 free digital marketing courses offering online certification on various topics. This includes content marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, etc. Excited? So, let’s talk about the best free digital marketing courses that offer online certification to help students, professionals, or businessman boost their careers. 

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Top Free Online Marketing Courses With Certificate To Boost Your Career

Top 5 free digital marketing courses

Below is the list of online courses you can enroll in without paying the digital marketing courses fees. 

  • Google Digital Marketing Courses 

Digital Garage is an online platform by Google that offers free course programs and certification for digital marketing. The online marketing courses by Google comprise text and video materials, only some of which can even be completed within three hours. Surprising right? This digital marketing course is globally recognized, which means you can quickly enroll in this program without putting a second thought. 

If you have the will to understand the core concept of digital marketing and want to explore the work style of different digital marketing firms, then Digital Garage is the right place for you. Following is the list of online marketing courses with certificate offered at Digital Garage. 

  • Fundamentals of Digital marketing courses 
  • How to make sure customers finds you online 
  • How to start an online business 
  • YouTube Course 
  • Social Media Advertising 
  • Mobile Marketing 
  • Promote a business with content marketing 
  • How to expand a business with online advertising 
  • How to grow a business in other countries  
  • Semrush Academy 

Semrush Academy is the most popular edtech platform to offer the best online marketing courses with certificate. Not only does the system familiarize you with topics like search engine optimization, content marketing, pay-per-click, affiliate marketing, and social media marketing, but it also brings out the most successful digital marketing tool for daily practice. Full digital marketing courses at Semrush Academy are offered in English, while some are also available in Spanish. 

Their online course programs provide free registration and certificate, which include both text and video materials. Technical SEO, PPC fundamentals, and SEO fundamentals are popular concepts taught to Semrush professionals. The cherry on the cake is that you are also trained to use the Semrush tool to run your digital marketing campaigns smoothly. 

  • HubSpot Online Marketing Courses 

HubSpot is among those online marketing courses with certificate that brings you a range of tools like CRM, SEO tools, sales tools, and content marketing tools. HubSpot Digital Academy backs the certification provided upon completing the training program. Different topics covered in HubSpot Online Marketing Courses include- 

  • Content Marketing 
  • Inbound Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Contextual Marketing 

One must enroll for this course because the online courses are taught by renowned digital marketing professionals who even explain that HubSpot is using blogging to gain considerable traffic. Similar to Semrush, HubSpot Digital Academy also facilitates free registration. And besides the digital marketing courses, the edtech platform also provides methods associated with blogging, Facebook ads, search engine optimization, and more. 

  • Coursera Digital Marketing Courses 

Coursera’s free online marketing courses with certificates are created to upskill aspiring digital marketers and professionals alike. The study illustrates to the learners how new digital tools are revolutionizing marketing. 

The disciplines covered under Coursera’s digital marketing course include digital marketing analytics, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and more. Upon completing the training period, all learners gain a better understanding of the basic concepts and tools of digital marketing with which they can bolster their career growth. 

  • LinkedIn Learning Online Marketing Courses 

Lastly, the online marketing courses with certificate from LinkedIn Learning is a 24-hour course program. The course program teaches learners the skills to grow their corporate life. The best practices of online marketing, use of digital marketing tools, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, search engine marketing, and much more are covered in this course. 

However, free access to this course program is only possible when you are already a LinkedIn premium member. Thus, students, professionals, or business people who wish to enroll in this course must sign up for a LinkedIn premium account and learn the digital marketing concepts the edtech platform covers. 


The article has convinced you to enroll in the top 5 free digital marketing courses mentionedSo ready to take the next step? Signup for a digital marketing course certification program and make a great way to bolster your career growth by ensuring a good knowledge of digital marketing tools and practices. Besides, if you need assistance with digital marketing services, contact our team; we’d love to offer you customized solutions. 

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