Top Google Certification to Upgrade Your Skills in 2022

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Google certifications hold paramount importance in today’s digitally driven world. They are primarily created and introduced to help people secure their job in diverse industries. As jobs become more specialized in the competitive environment, aspirants need to ramp up their skills. 

If you ask us, we could not find anything better than the Google certification to upgrade your skills in 2022 and gain a cutting edge in the industry. The online courses via Google certification programs help you establish yourself as a subject matter professional and offer you a precious degree based on which candidate gets an advantage over the recruiting process—still wondering why you should get a Google certification? Read out the complete article. 

Why Should You Apply For Google Career Certificates? 

The reasons you should go for Google career certificates can be: 

  • The Google career certificate programs are accessible to both scholars and young professionals. They let you pursue the courses at the convenience of your home, date and time. 
  • The top Google certification courses are designed to assist the applicants in building expertise in the specific field and niche. While applying, candidates are free to select the courses and programs as per the difficulty level from the subjects catalogue. 
  • You can use the Google certificates to show your expertise in your resume or grow in your specific field. 
  • By acquiring Google certifications, one can increase their chances of getting their desired job.
  • Google certifications always bring the opportunity to learn something new about Google tools. For instance, learning to explore the G Suite. Grabbing this opportunity, you gain more confidence to educate others. The more you know about Google tools, the more you grow. 

Top Google Certifications to Upgrade Your Skills in 2022

Having learned about the prominent reasons why you should get google certificates, do you wish to learn about the top google certifications career to bolster your career? Well, if yes, then below we have compiled the Google certification list picking anyone from which you can draw the attention of top recruiters in diverse industries. These online courses by Google provide professional training and are available on different platforms like Coursera, Udemy, Unacademy, etc. After completing your training program, Google provides you with the certificate so that you can serve it as evidence of your expertise ahead. Some of the top google certification courses are- 

  • Google UX Design Professional Certificate 

The Google UX Design Professional Certificate is a highly specialized certificate by Google. It prepares the learners to be professional user experience designers, visual designers or user interface designers. The certification doesn’t demand any experience or degree to apply for the course. It educates them about the basic concepts of user experience design. For instance, it explains the steps to create a UX design. Further, you are also taught about low-fidelity prototypes and wireframes. 

Besides this, the Google UX Design Professional Certificate is the best course to get to know about the research and testing process in UX design. The certification period boasts 200 hours which you are also given hands-on projects with discussion forums and peer reviews.

  • Google IT Automation with Python Certificate 

 On-demand skills in IT Automation, Git and Python. While you apply for the said course, ensure that you are well aware of the fundamental concepts of information technology. After you become a student of Google IT Automation with Python Certificate program, you are taught topics like how to code and automate administrative tasks through Python.  

In addition, the course certificate professionals also teach you about various applications of GitHub and Git and ways to detect and solve the complex errors that occur in the system. The teachers explain how to implement task automation in software or system using Cloud and configuration management. During the course completion period, online tests are conducted so that you can be aware of how well you are at your technical skills. 

  • Associate Android Developer Certificate 

The Associate Android Developer Certificate is a beginner-level certificate by Google. It is available on the Google Developer platform, where you learn about the fundamental concepts of the Kotlin programming language. 

Directly provided by Google, this course is created for people with zero experience in the Kotlin programming language. The essentials of developing, testing and debugging the applications of Android devices also fall under the course. The other topics covered under the system are the Kotlin basics, navigation, programming layout, connecting to the internet, user interface, Android core, testing, debugging and data management. 

  • Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate 

Available on Coursera, the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate offers training on data analysis and data processing to assist scholars in making sound business decisions in their life. It is one of the top Google certificate courses from beginner to intermediate. The course requires no prior experience in the niche but the basic knowledge of data analytics to quickly learn the advanced lessons. 

After enrolling for the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate, the top skills the course focuses on include associate data analyst, marketing analyst, and data technician. Upon completing the system, it is compulsory to score at least 80% on every online test to acquire the certificate. 

  • Google Project Management Professional Certificate 

The Google Project Management Professional Certificate is available on Coursera. It is a beginner-level certificate with a sum period of 140 hours. The course educates the vital skills to commence an entry-level project management role. 

This course certificate combines video tutorials, hands-on activities and practice-based tests. Under the guidance of professionals, you are also taught to plan and smoothly run a project. It includes taking on the responsibilities of project manager, project analyst, program manager and scrum master. 

You will also learn the skills such as time prediction, budget estimation, identifying project risk, and managing risks and stakeholders. Students are required to complete the course by participating in some real-world projects in which they will be using their project management skills. 

  • Google Professional WorkSpace Administrator 

The Google Professional WorkSpace Administrator is a two-month learning course by Google. The course teaches you about Google’s best practices to safeguard the data. Upon completing the course, you can use the tools to discover the risk and security hacks.

You are also educated on composing compliance and taking the necessary action to protect your firm from malware attacks, spam and spoofing. Upon completing the course program, you will explore several routing options and receive Google’s best practices for using the G Suite. 


So, these are some of the best Google certification to upgrade your skills in 2022. All the above courses mentioned in the list are designed to help aspirants, and young professionals bolster their careers. So, move ahead and enrol in these free courses without a second thought. So, which course will you pick? Share your top picks in the comments section. 

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