What are the project management tools

What are the project management tools

Understanding the Uses and Benefits of Project Management Tool 

While the world has stepped into the ample space of remote working, project management software assists existing firms and start-ups in running their projects effectively. As many companies worldwide work online, these digital tools help them manage tasks and simultaneously access various collaboration tools and shared storage. Although you are new to this technology, you can follow this guide to project management tools and get complete details concerning its uses, importance, and benefits. 

Common Uses of a Project Management Software 

As per a study, 77% of the project management team who uses the online project management solution builds higher performance and better revenues. Firms not yet using the project management tool gain less profit than those using it. This is because they spend too much time juggling minor tasks. If these activities are performed efficiently using a PM tool, a team will have ample time to concentrate on other core operations. As a result, you can submit your projects by deadlines and satisfy your clients. Here are some use cases of a project management tool for start-ups and existing firms. 


Despite the emergence of project handling tools and software, many companies still use pen, paper, or spreadsheets to monitor their team’s progress. Although, they might be unaware that following such methods consistently will only lead to increased human errors. Such situations can turn costlier for organizations using a spreadsheet for managing financial data. Therefore, using a project management app seems to be the perfect solution, assuring 100% accuracy in the documents while dissolving the need for switching among the spreadsheet. 


Every project comes with its profits, contingencies, and budget, which defines its overall cost. While working on a project, the project manager must manage the expenses within the estimated cost to get better revenues from the project. Thus, inserting financial data into spreadsheets and exercising calculations is not enough. It would be best if the project manager opts for an online project management solution that offers automated invoicing, a budget dashboard, a budget report, and time tracking. In this way, they can track their budget performance whenever they want and control the expenses if they exceed the budget. 

Resource Management 

Resource management is a vital aspect of a project that helps the team ensure better operation. While tedious, a project management tool makes it very easy for you. The tools lay out the usage of the resources. Not just that, it prevents less or overuse of resources to ensure that the firm only pays for the materials used. 


Every task is assigned individually to the team to work on complex projects. The project management software facilitates collaboration to ensure smooth operations and instant project updates. This helps the team respond quickly to their queries concerning the project tasks and notify the project managers about the work progress. Team dashboards, data sharing, file sharing, and team communication are features of the online project management solution. 

Why Should You Use a Project Management Tool? 

What are the project management tools

The project management app helps the project managers and team members at different stages. From collaboration, resource management, budget management, time tracking, and reporting, you can handle all project activities at your fingertips. Here are the reasons you opt for an online project management solution: 

Easy project planning- Most of the time one spends on project planning goes in vain. Taking the help of a project management app can prevent enterprises from doing so. As the tool facilitates task automation, it lets the project leaders set a firm base for their projects by providing them with the tools for resource allocation. 

Improved productivity- One significant benefit of an online project management solution is that it enhances the overall project productivity of a team. As the software facilitates all necessary details in a centralized place, it turns significantly more accessible for the firms to make informed decisions quickly. 

Enhanced planning and scheduling- A well-analyzed project plan and schedule are the roots of a successful project. For that reason, to help organizations build result-oriented strategies, a digital project management solution gives access to previous lessons. The tool also offers the formation of a project plan and the preference order of project tasks from the project manager’s perspective. The software performs functions like work reports, resource allocation, and time tracking efficiently. 

Centralized workflows- A project management app or software brings several project management functions under one roof. This results in centralization of every activity. Using the software, you will not have to use multiple applications or tools for file sharing, knowledge capture, task management, etc. This way, more time is invested in projects, and significantly less time is invested in switching between the apps.  

Better collaboration- Communication is an essential facet of project management. It requires the team to agree, regardless of their status level. Since every member has different responsibilities and departments, sometimes it’s hard for them to attend meetings and stay updated. This lack of communication leads to inefficient project sprints and project delays.  

This, too, has a solution. Effective project management software allows everyone to communicate on the project with the right people at the right time. Such tools facilitate team status updates, project progression, and file sharing and make team collaboration more approachable among the team members. 

Remote work- A remote working facility is the most significant benefit of project management software. As firms have shifted their projects and team online during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear that business operations are no more limited to a physical location. As the software offers various online tools for day-to-day operations, it’s significantly more accessible for companies to lead their project more effectively than ever before.

Bottom line 

Upon looking at the above use cases and benefits of project management tools for start-ups and existing firms, it’s safe to say that the software can streamline and enhance business operations. It comprises team collaboration, resources, budget, time management, etc. So, what are you waiting for? Integrate the tool right now and harness all the benefits associated with it. 

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