What are the Steps to Create a YouTube Channel?

What are the Steps to Create a YouTube Channel?

After Google, YouTube is the world’s second most visited online platform. The audio-video platform offers an excellent opportunity for a business to connect with its target audience. It is the most famous website among U.S. adults. The channel has over 122 Billion active users today who combinedly spend 1 Billion watch hours daily. Won’t it be beneficial if they also watch your videos and check out your content? 

It will be profitable. So, why don’t you create a YouTube channel today and start making money? Wondering how? Creating a YouTube account isn’t a tough nut to crack nowadays. But creating a promising YT channel needs some effort. But, don’t worry about that. As in today’s guide, we have covered that for you. So, shall we start? Ok, so let’s go! 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up a YouTube Channel

what are the step to create youtube channel

Making a result-driven YouTube channel starts with creating a YouTube account. Follow these steps and start earning your survival today. 

1.      Sign up for a Google account 

If you are a Google Play, Google Maps or Gmail user, you already have a Google account. Therefore, you can directly move to step 2. But if you are a non-Google user, sign up for a Google account now. Get the Google software on your device or create an account through a computer or laptop. 

Browse Google on your browser and then click on sign up. Here, enter your first name, last name, and email address and set a password for your account. So, that’s all it takes to create a Google account. The email address and name will not be bracketed with your brand. Therefore, don’t stress about keeping the on-message. This is your first step to getting yourself into the YouTube world. As Google is the parent company of YouTube, you can’t make an account on the platform without having a Google account. 

2.      Sign up for a YouTube account 

Being a Google account user means you are already a user of YouTube’s account. However, to use the audio-video platform for branding and marketing purposes, it is compulsory to create a Brand Account. 

For your Brand Account, visit the YouTube account page, press on create a channel, insert your brand name or any other title for your brand account and submit. Congratulations! You are now a YouTube Brand Account user. 

When you become a YouTube Brand Account user, you can provide admin account access to multiple people and customize the appearance and name that matches the brand. 

Another bright side of the YouTube Brand Account is that the platform provides you with access to YouTube Analytics, which gives you valuable insights about your visitors and which video, among many others, has gone popular. 

3.      Customize The YT Channel 

It’s time to customize the social media profile. In the dashboard section of your YT Brand Account, press on Customize channel. One by one, enter information on the three tabs on-screen, i.e., Layout, Branding, and Basic Info. The data you will join in these tabs will eventually let you optimize the channel for finding the target audience. 

While you fill out necessary details, use competitive and descriptive keywords to improve your channel’s visibility. The keywords can boast featured products, frequently asked questions your content can answer, industry details, and topics your channel will cover in its videos. 

In the Branding section, you will be required to upload an icon of your channel that attracts users and is distinct. The icon must align with what your brand conveys and should be visually associated with all your social media accounts, including YouTube. 

4.      Create and Upload Your First YT Video 

This step is exciting among all other steps to create a YouTube channel. Now you are all ready to become a YouTube content creator. To make and stream your first YouTube video- 

  • Click on your profile
  • Hit the content button 
  • Click on select to upload your video. 
  • Click submit. 

You are done here! You have successfully posted your first YT video, and now it’s time to ensure that your YouTube channel is discoverable to an audience worldwide. 

5.      Ensure the Discoverability of Your YouTube Channel  

Like they say, what’s the point when you have good YouTube content but nobody sees it? To gain significant subscribers and views on your YouTube channel and videos, you must optimize such that its discovery improves automatically. Here is how to do it: 

Elevate the Video Title: Titles are the first thing the YT users will notice in your video and also make it easy for the search engines to understand the video. Therefore, ensure that all video titles are unique, attractive, clear, and relevant to Google-friendly keywords. You should add Google-friendly keywords because Google is the leading search engine in the world that drives a mass audience towards content if it detects any relevancy with those of the search terms. 

Improve the video description: Like with the title, the YT video description also needs to be clear and tell the audience about the whole video. Add links, a table of contents and keywords in the range to help viewers find in their search. 

Cross-Promote: Use your social media profiles to promote your videos to a broader audience by adding video links on your bio section and other websites. This way, your audience will stay updated about the latest content and instantly inform the video. 

Include tags: Tags help improve the algorithm of YouTube accounts by explaining the content. Add one or more tags, so the search engine places your video in front of the audience interested in your content. 

Ask viewers to subscribe: When users subscribe to your YouTube channel, they automatically get an alert about your next video. Therefore, the more the number of subscribers, the higher your reach will be. And the moment your YT channel hits 1000 subscribers, you can register to become a YT partner and monetize your channel’s activity. 

Bottom line 

So, these are only the steps to create a YouTube channel; if you want to get more such insights, stay connected with our page! 

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