What is a Podcast? How does it work For Beginners in 2022? 

What is a Podcast?

 Starting a podcast always feels exciting if you plan to do it yourself, but you are alone in this journey as we will support you throughout, from launching your Podcast to growing with one. This guide has covered detailed steps you can follow to know what it takes to start a podcast. No matter your age or technical skill set, you can quickly launch it by the end of this guide. Now before we move further with the steps of launching a podcast for beginners, let’s quickly recall what a podcast is and how it works for newbies in 2022. 

What is Podcast, and How it Works? 

Podcast refers to the episodic series of audio clips that users can subscribe to and listen to if the topic interests them. If you are a beginner and want your Podcast to work, you must have an RSS Feed to which your active listeners can subscribe for more updates and downloads of new audio clips. The podcasts feature one or more people discussing a topic and passing their suggestions over the same. The topics may vary from current events to a new movie release. 

It is a conveniently accessible platform for listeners. The new podcasters who wish to launch their Podcast have many avenues to publish their work. Unlike the old television networks and radio stations, which are often subjected to limitations and permissions, some podcasting platforms allow podcasters to self-publish their creation. These are primarily hosted on streaming platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify. 

But because WordPress has a built-in RSS Feed system, many podcast streamers prefer WordPress as their podcast website platform. Here you can associate your podcast website with the above streaming platform, making it easy for the users to subscribe and listen to the audio files. 

So, this is how the Podcast for beginners works. Now that you know the Podcast’s basic concept and workings let’s start with the steps to launch one yourself.  

Steps to Launch a Podcast

Launching a podcast can be fun, lucrative, and engaging. Depending on your goals, you can launch a podcast as a side hustle or hobby right now. If you are unfamiliar with the basic steps, take a look below: 

·         Define Your Niche

Defining a niche may sound like you are limiting the audio files or passion to one subject. But that’s true. If you define your topic, you will better summarize the content and gain your audience simultaneously. Doing so also lets you establish your name as a subject matter expert in the industry and build trust with the listeners. 

Choose a broad niche to explore more of it and create a large series that you can extend to the following seasons. While you pick and ensure that it is specific enough to attract a particular demographic or group listening to it. 

Before you start recording your voice and content, research some similar existing podcasts. Even if you find your niche crowded, you can build some strategies to make your place so that you outshine the competition. 

Whether you want to go solo or start the Podcast with a person or group, it’s up to you. Suppose you are launching it all alone, then well and good. But if someone is going to join your journey, you have to coordinate with the person to make a successful episode. 

Next, you will choose the cadence of your Podcast to decide if you will make a weekly or biweekly release to be familiar with your audience. 

·         Build Your Online Presence 

Naming your Podcast related to the subject matter is a vital step to making value in front of the audience. Make the title length short, as longer titles are not necessarily better. Additionally, invest some time in branding the elements like covert art, custom design, and color palette to set your online presence. For covert art and custom design, you can work with professionals to create something that fits your vibe and style. 

After you record your show or make an episode on it:

  • Make it accessible to your audience.
  • Build a website for a professional feel and customization options.
  • Add download links so listeners can download the audio file if they like it. 

Another method is creating an RSS Feed with the help of a podcast-specific website. Many firms create an RSS Feed at economical rates. You can contact them if you want access to RSS Feed for podcast directory submission. 

Further, set up your podcast account on platforms like Spotify to reach as many listeners as possible. To improve the visibility of your Podcast, you can send it to directories like Stitcher, Spotify, Apple, and Google Podcasts. This way, the users of these directors can quickly discover you if they search for something that matches your title or keywords. 

  • Equipment Needed to Start a Podcast 

The next thing in this guide is the equipment needed to start a podcast. It’s widespread that you record your audio using your phone, tablet, or computer. Although, most podcasters recommend using podcast microphones available in the market for a better and clear sound. Meanwhile, if you don’t have funds to invest in software for podcast editing, you can use Audacity, which is accessible on any device, and GarageBand for Apple devices. 

Or else, if funds are not a problem, you can use a few premium software Adobe Audition, Hindenburg Journalist, or Logic Pro X. However, if you have no idea about editing, you can outsource the work to a freelancer. 

  • Record and Edit Your First Episode 

Here comes the last step, which is recording your audio. While some podcasters write scripts before releasing any episode, some just wing it. Podcasting is an artistic skill that needs time and effort to be swift. Every episode you record or release must carry a unique name and should precisely describe what the episode is all about. 

Creating a clever name for Podcast will make it easy for the listeners to find you on the podcast directories and search results. 

Make an interesting description and synopsis of the episode that is concise and drop a hint of the entire episode. Once you have recorded your Podcast, submit it to directories, release it on platforms and promote it simultaneously. 

Final Words 

Hence, here ends the guide to Podcast for beginners. Launching a podcast can be extremely rewarding; that comes with constant efforts and setup. With the right platform and equipment to start a podcast, your episodic audio series can be as successful as your dream. So, all the best! 

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