What Is Deepfake Technology? How Does It Work

What Is Deepfake Technology? How Does It Work

An Overview of Deepfake Technology

 Today, we live in a world where we can create unreal things that seem natural with the help of technology. Yeah, that’s true. Over the years, AI technology has been growing consistently. It has several uses and applications in industries worldwide. However, not all AI products and tools have an excellent influence on society. The content created using AI is misused by fraudsters. They create and make some unreal things look authentic in any frame, scene or image called Deepfake technology. So, what is Deepfake technology? How does it work? Is it legal? Today’s blog will briefly discuss the subject and its application, merits and demerits in the fast-changing world. 

 What is Deepfake in AI? 

The term Deepfake is made by combining two words, i.e., Deep and Fake. Here Deep means the involvement of AI technology, and Fake refers to unreal content or image. The technology is primarily used in the entertainment industry, where the film and tv show makers create falsified pictures or content and manipulate the original speech, faces and emotions. 

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It applies to digitally imitate an individual’s action that they have not performed either. The academic institutions were the first user of the technology, who adopted it in the 90s and later used it by audiences worldwide. Since its emergence, Deepfake has created a lot of noise in the media world despite the Deepfake programs not being mainstreamed yet. Next, we will explain to you how the technology works. 

How does Deepfake Technology Work? 

Many methods can be used to create the Deepfake app or software with machine learning algorithms. The ML algorithms build content based on the data given to them. If you set a task of replacing a person’s face from a frame with another look, you ensure that the programs are well trained. 

Many data are given to these programs so that they learn from it and create new data independently. Accomplishing this task is complex, which is why the programs also depend on the generative adversarial network and autoencoders. 

A generative adversarial network is a technological approach to generative modelling that learns from the input data to create a new one. The system works on two different neural networks, i.e., discriminator and generator. 

The Autoencoders are a group of self-supervised neural networks that study and copy their input. The autoencoders also compress the data and produce the code after the decoder’s instruction. 

So, we have covered the meaning and working of deepfake technology. Now let’s quickly discuss its harms and benefits and find out if it’s safe to apply in real time. 

Merits of Deepfake Technology 

There are several benefits of deepfake technology, which one cannot ignore if one plans to pursue a career in film and television production. These are: 

Accessibility: AI builds tools that view, hear, and reason with accuracy. Thanks to, AI-Generated Synthetic Media assists everyone in expanding their agency. It makes the devices more cost-effective and more innovative and makes the solutions even more accessible for people. 

Art: Deepfake technology standardizes expensive VFX technology and makes it easy for the storytellers to use technology at workable rates. Also, AI-Generated Synthetic Media brings many opportunities for people in the entertainment field. The graphics created with the help of this technology supports its overall quality, which gives the people who use it appreciation and chances for new projects. 

Amplify the message and its reach: The text-of-speech model of the deepfake assists podcasters in building synthetic audio flawlessly. Even influencers can use the technology to convey their message and expand their reach with personalized and targeted messaging features of deepfakes. This would engage the audience and deliver personalized experiences at scale. 

Autonomy and Expression: People can also use the Deepfakes to remain autonomous in their regimes and dictatorial. The technology can also be utilized to hide the identity of one’s face and voice when they want to publicize their content on social platforms but don’t want to reveal their identity. 

Demerits of Deepfake Technology 

While there are several benefits of deepfake technology, it has some flaws too. These are: 

Corporate Level Fraud: Nowadays, fraudsters try to persuade an organization’s employees via a phone call using Deepfakes, during which their voice exactly sounds like the company’s CEO or CFO. If they succeed in their envious plans, they get confidential company details, which they misuse for fraud. 

Fake News/False Information: Scammers or fraudsters create unreal videos or photos using deepfakes and try to deceive the public by giving them false information. The video shows real people saying and doing things so that the other side believes it to be true. However, to spot this fraud, one should zoom the video to identify if it’s real. 

·         Money extortion from individuals and businesses: Deepfake content comprising fake faces and fake voices presents people making false statements. For instance, one can create a video of the company’s CEO making the wrong announcement and share it with people who relate. Here, a fraudster can even blackmail the company’s CEO for leaking the fake video to the media and public, which would negatively affect a company’s image. The individual or business who falls into their trap even pays a lump sum to safeguard their image.  

Is Deepfake Legal? 

Since the technology has been applied for the last few years, laws and rules concerning its application are not made so far. To date, China is the only country that has set some regulations for implementing deepfake. Per their law, creating fake news using this technology is illegal. In the United States, rules concerning deepfakes porn have been made. Hopefully, other countries will soon bind some laws in their nation for the different deepfake content being made and shared worldwide. 


Deepfake technology offers an excellent opportunity for people to pursue their careers in the entertainment industry. The AI-generate synthetic media can be a helpful tool to create something imaginary in the real world. However, laws concerning the application of the technology have not been made yet; whether legal or illegal will depend on the content you create. Technology can build and break one’s reputation at the same time. With ongoing advancements and better laws, deepfake technology will be a great tool to apply. 

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