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What is Frontend and Backend Development?

Frontend and backend are popular components of a high-functioning website or application. However, often frontend and backend need to be clarified for the learners owing to their same purpose of supporting websites function properly. On the one hand, Frontend is what users see on a website; on the other side back end boasts of tasks performed for site structure, data, logic and overall system. 

All types of websites need both frontend and backend developers with strong coding and programmers who can add life to their websites. In comparison, backend developers often remain in high demand in the industry. The following article briefly answers what is frontend and backend to clear the bubbles surrounding the two concepts. 

What is Frontend and Backend Development? – Meaning 

Frontend development that creates the user experience elements of a site is built by combining technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The site’s user experience elements include navigating menu, buttons, videos, images, links etc. It works on two major objectives, i.e., performance and responsiveness. 

This means whosoever your firm hires as the frontend developer must perform the right coding to ensure your website or application is responsive on all platforms. Whether this includes mobile, PC, or laptop, your frontend activity must be aligned to your site’s correct appearance on all forms of devices. 

Backend development is all about how everything on a website or application works. It’s that part of the site which users cannot interact with and see. A user makes indirect contact with the site’s characteristics built by a backend developer. The Languages used in backend development are .net, Java, Ruby and Python. Meanwhile, the activities performed in backend development includes- 

  • Writing application programming interface 
  • Library creation 
  • Working on the system components 
  • Focusing on databases, backend logic, architecture and servers. 

What are the Different Frontend Vs Backend Language?

A few languages that come in handy in frontend and backend development are as follows: 

Languages used in Frontend development 

  • Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) 

Frontend development uses the Hyper Text Markup Language to design a site’s front-end portion, including text, colour, tables etc. Further, HTML helps the site define the link between its web pages. 

  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

The Cascading Style Sheets are used by Frontend development to simplify making an app or site presentable to users. The designed language enables the front-end developers to apply the available styles on the site pages. 

  • JavaScript 

The JavaScript language supports the frontend developers to make an interactive site and improve its functionality for its users. JavaScript language is applicable on both frontend and backend components. 

Languages used in Backend development 

  • Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP)

Earlier referred to as Personal Home Page, PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, which helps in web development. The backend uses the PHP language to execute on the server and gains the ability to collect, update and delete data stored in a database. 

  • C++

It is a general-purpose programming language which supports backend development with features like multiple inheritances, preprocessor commands, operator overloading etc. 

  • Java

Java is a widely used programming language with easily accessible components like JVM, JRE and JDK. It facilitates the backend with its wide variety of tools and frameworks, such as Spring, HIBERNATE, STRUTS, etc. 

Difference Between Frontend and Backend Development 

Do you still need clarification about the difference between frontend and backend development? Now that the article has given you an overview of both web development components let’s quickly look at the key differences between the two disciplines. 

Frontend DevelopmentBackend Development
Frontend comprise creating user experience elements of a website or application. This includes text, color, images, animation etc.Backend comprises performing tasks to ensure a smooth functioning of a website. This includes writing APIs, library creation etc.
The skillset required in frontend development boasts HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.The skillset required in frontend development boasts PHP, and C++
Front doesn’t work independently.Backend works independently.
Frontend aims to make a site responsive and accessible to users regardless of their device sizes.Backend aims to ensure the proper functioning of a website without any fail.
The frameworks used in frontend includes AngularJS, vue.js, React and more.The frameworks used in backend includes Django, Flask, CakePHP etc.
The development team of the frontend component designs, develops and test the site’s appearance on the basis of user inputThe development team of backend component supports the frontend team to link the web pages and ensure user security.
The average earning of frontend developer is around INR 4.2 Lacs.The average earning of a backend developer is around INR 8 Lacs.

Frontend Vs. Backend- Which is Easy? 

Frontend and Backend both serve the same purpose of supporting website functions. However, if you draw a comparison, both components seem easy. The front end is the easier one, as the component only requires an interface and the rest of application logic and data processing are handled by the backend. And backend is easy because it only needs to process the data without concern about the user interface.

It is the complexity of the website that determines the simplicity of its front and backend components. Based on how you develop the site interface and structure defines how complicated the frontend and backend are. Still, many users find the front end more-easier than the back end, as the latter only requires good coding skills. In comparison, the backend requires some advanced technical skills, because of which its development process itself turns harder. 


Frontend and Backend are the essential components of web development which is an interesting branch of technology. The front end is what users see on a website, and the back end is about how everything works on a website. Combining both an application appears and functions in the best way possible. 

  • MySQL is a frontend or backend language?

 MySQL is a backend language that manages the input and data from website users. 

  • Who among the frontend and backend developers earns more? 

In comparison among the frontend and backend developers, the former position is more compensation owing to the complexity of tasks they perform every day. 

  • Is python a frontend and backend language? 

Python is a general-purpose programming language and is used in both frontend and back-end development practices. 

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