What is the Difference Between VFX Animation and Motion Graphics? 

What is the Difference Between VFX Animation and Motion Graphics? 

The digital motion space today has flocked with jargon that can sometimes confuse and intimidate people. Of course, the world of motion is not only restricted to Hollywood superhero movies. Today, it is also used in domestic movies. Therefore, while you work with the production houses and imply them in pre-production or post-production stages, you must understand the difference between the two terms, i.e., VFX graphics and motion graphics. Both the terms may look similar, but they are district from one another. But, before you read on to know the difference between VFX Animation and Motion Graphics, let’s quickly recall the basic concept of the two terms. 

What is the VFX Animation? 

VFX is the real-time imagery transformation process using VFX animation tools and software. The individual specializing in this art form understands what changes or edits one can make in VFX animation. The VFX software used for creating visual effects from live-action footage is very economical and thus offers a hassle-free experience to a user. The VFX software has a more extensive use today, from social media posts and news channels to big-budget films. 

To amplify the effect of a movie scene, a filmmaker opts for VFX processing and makes the shots remarkable. Examples include movies like Brahmastra: Part One-Shiva, The Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Inception, Gravity, and Harry Potter. 

The heavy usage of visual effects in these films has created a larger-than-life impact on the audience and gave an elegant look to simple frames. Therefore, if you have watched the magical shots of these movies, then it all attributes to the visual effects and the person behind them. 

What is Motion Graphics? 

Animation, Motion Graphics is the implementation of drawings, sketches, and pictures into a series. Simply put, it is an illustration process wherein the selected objects or figures are combined. The animation uses existing clips and frames and imposes the objects with the help of animation tools and software of the computer system to make it look real on screen. 

One can do animation using a computer or hand practices by combining drawings or creating images via computer. It needs ample time to draw images on the computer. However, an animator can use the previous frames or cells and save time. 

Like all other art forms, the animation world has also transformed today. The Disney movies like Inside Out, Frozen, Spiderman, Coco, and Zootopia are some of the best examples of animation. So, now that you have understood the basic concept of VFX animation and graphics motion, let’s dive into the key differences between both areas. 

Difference Between VFX Animation and Motion Graphics 

To observe the thin line between these art forms, go through the description below: 


Motion graphics, often known as animation, is applying sketches and pictures in a series to make the movements of its characters. It has many forms, including traditional animation, 2D animation, 3D animation and so on. 

VFX, or visual effects, is the application of real-world imagery in a frame or clip to amplify the appearance of the movie scene. VFX is the mixture of special effects and real things taken from the real world to the real world. 


The popular animation software for motion graphics is 3Ds Max and Autodesk Maya. 

The software for visual effects or VFX is Autodesk Maya, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Blackmagic fusion, Foundry’s Nuke, and 3Ds Nuke. 


The application difference between VFX animation and motion graphics is that VFX animation is used for all films and documentaries. Whereas motion graphics are used in animated websites, advertising campaigns, Pogo TV cartoon series and CDs. Whereas the visual effects are used in all films and documentaries.

Applied on 

The visual effects apply to real things/ people/ and scenes. Motion graphics apply to pictures or sketches of puppets. 


Movies like Brahmastra: Part One-Shiva, Spiderman, Avatar, and Spiderman are the best examples of visual effects. And, Cartoon series like Galli Galli Sim Sim is the best example of motion graphics. 

Job Roles 

There are different job roles for a person specializing in motion graphics or visual effects. For example, Animator, 3D modeler, Graphic designer, Art director, and Flash Animator are the job roles for the individual learning motion graphics. Similarly, the job roles for visual effects include Matter Painter, Roto Artist, Compositor, Layout Artist, Lightning Artist, VFX Artist, etc. 


The technical skills required to become a 3D animator are character rigging, motion capture software, computer generation programs, animation fundamentals, game art and design, visual effects and 3D rendering. 

The technical skills required to be a VFX creator are Drawing, visual aesthetics, composition and light, photography, sculpture and autonomy, mechanics and movement. 


The average salary of an animator is 31964 INR per month, while the average salary of a VFX creator is 338 462 INR per year. 

Other differences between VFX Animation and Motion Graphics 

While the above difference between animation and motion graphics is noted before opting for anyone’s career, there is some thin line that should also be considered while working in any field. These are: 

VFX creators are not required to pursue 2D or 3D courses. But, an animator must have a basic understanding of visual effects to better collaborate with professional projects. 

The VFX creators are required to use Chroma Keying software techniques for visual effects, whereas an animator is required to use computer software and equipment to form creations. 

Conclusion  Henceforth, these were the difference between VFX animation and graphics motion. As you all know, the world of digital motion media is a scary concept that often gets confusing; learning their key difference was vital before making a career in any field. On the one hand, where visual effects combine existing clips to make realistic scenes, the motion graphics makes animation from pictures, sketches and drawings. Both art forms are highly valued and widely used today. 

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