Why is Animation Important For Your Business? 

Why is Animation Important For Your Business? 

Usually, firms try their best to create a perfect brand for their customers. But even a world-class brand cannot make an impact when it’s not marketed precisely. The digital space has allowed firms to publicize different products and services. Among those solutions, video animation seems to be the best creative approach to grab your audience’s attention. 

It helps a firm highlight the best points of your brand in a creative but effective manner. If you aim to convey your brand’s message or sell a product to a large audience, video animation solves engaging the crowd with what you have to say about your product. Let’s look out for the ways through which animation can be helpful for your business. 

Critical Benefits of Animation For Your Business 

Why is Animation Important For Your Business? 

Check out the following points to answer why we need animation for business. Once you go through all of them, we are sure you will want to use them for your product. 

Helps Your Business Outshine the Competition 

As digital marketing is constantly growing as a competitive space, it is essential to use its strategies to gain a competitive edge for your business. Animation has the potential to set your brand apart by using the advanced features of animated video, establishing you as an innovative, creative and futuristic firm. 

Better conversion rates

Animate video inspires your customers to buy a product, resulting in increased profit for your business. Statistics say that adding an animated video to your landing page or social media brand promotion posts boosts your customer conversion rate by 80%. 

Whether you try to sell a cosmetic product, book, shoes or clothes, any product can be publicised with the help of an animation, regardless of your product. 

Increased customer engagement 

Nowadays, online users are largely captivated by video content shown to them. Recent statistics reports have proved that a user spends 100 minutes watching online videos. And, 54% of consumers are interested in watching more videos from brands and businesses, contrasting with the written content. 

For that reason, engaging video content like animated videos is paramount in this competitive marketplace and can be used as an effective method to generate sales. 

Thus, while you make an animated video, focus on offering the best possible effects and information that arrest your target audience or potential consumers. 

The more your consumers are likely to keep your brand, the essential information you provide excitingly. 

Improved SEO 

 Like your consumer behaviour, the Google search engine likes animated video content. Creating and using animated videos for your website is the best method to boost your SEO ranking, which assists your firm in getting the top position on the search results. Using animated content increases your online presence and makes you easily accessible to potential customers.  

The algorithm feature of Google also takes the time visitors spend on your website into account because animated videos are consistently growing in the search rankings. 

It saves time and money 

Unlike live-action videos, animated videos make a lasting impression on your audience. At a point, the live-action videos turn outdated, whereas the animated video remains fresh for an extended period, thus reducing the need to recreate or update one. This way, your team saves time repeatedly working on the same video and focuses on creating more new videos to influence customers positively. 

In addition, the animated videos easily express one’s emotions within a few minutes; it also saves time spent listening to and watching videos with long duration. 

Scales your market reach 

As a growing business firm, you would want to expand your market reach to an international audience to display your products or services in front of them. Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are famous social media forums that help you gain global exposure and reach the audience globally. As said, nowadays, people are increasingly interested in watching videos; you can use these social media platforms to showcase your brand and services via an animated video. As they are exciting and fun, your international audience will also easily connect with your product, and many will even connect with you if they like your video content. 

Facilitates easy communication and helps clients to understand your product 

If your target audience cannot understand your brand message or the product you are selling them, they will not purchase it. The animated videos facilitate easy communication and thus explain your vision and product functions understandably. 

Remember, the product or brand you design should simplify your target audience’s life rather than complicate it. Therefore, showcasing real-life examples of how your product or service can aid your consumer’s need via a 1-2 minute animated video will work out. Whether creating a 2D or white animated video, marketing your product with either form of animation simplifies the brand. 

 Grab your client’s attention at sales meetings 

If you were in a sales meeting, what would you like to see there? A less-catchy PPT or an exciting animated video? Animated video, right? Though the same applies to you. Showing an animated video to discuss your proposal or convey your message is an effective way to catch your client’s attention and successfully grab a deal. The motion of graphics, powerful effects, aesthetic visuals, and intense colours hooks your client’s eyes and eventually land projects in favour of your company. 

Things to Consider Before Hiring An Animator 

Now that you have understood the importance of animation for business operations, services and products, you must have learned that creating an animated video is a complex task. Making animated video content calls for professional’s help. So, how can you hire them or what are the key points you should consider before collaborating with an expert animator? Well, to hire the right animator that serves your business purpose, you should: 

Define your brand purpose and requirements 

Ensure the animator tells an engaging story 

Determine the animation style 

Test the audio and video quality 

Ask for sample reels

Get the past client’s feedback 

Ensure the Animator has the professionalism in the work 

Set Your Budget 


So, that concludes the importance of animation for business. Animation is a robust tool that excitingly markets your products and services. Although not all animated videos go viral or make a lasting impact. Hiring an expert animator is essential to ensure your animated video reaches a large audience and influences them positively. Consider all the critical points of hiring an animator we discussed above and then collaborate with a professional with rich expertise in creating the best animation for you. All the best! 

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